Teacher Recertification

3 Semester Credits
= $365
2 Semester Credits= $265
1 Semester Credit = $165
accredited through

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Advantages of the TLC Program

Start anytime during the year at your convenience. Courses can be taken year round.

  • Courses can be completed as fast as necessary or can be done over time (within one year).

Freedom and control over your schedule

  • No Online courses with technology problems or difficult meeting times.
  • No driving and travel time to class locations and no child care needed.
  • Enjoy the comfort of study without having to read course content from a computer screen.
  • Great reading for enjoyment and learning – while traveling, on vacation, or anytime.
  • Keep your weekends free. No summer vacation interruptions for class attendance.
  • Great course titles and topics for professional development, portfolios, and transcripts.

Low cost for working teachers, practical and relevant classroom topics.

Accredited nation-wide, all districts.

Pay increases and license renewal.

Communicate with instructor at info@TeacherRecertification.com or call 727-258-7233

Don’t wait until your license is about to expire or the pay increase due date

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Great reading while traveling, on vacation or anytime.

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Instructor MaEd

“I enjoyed both books! Thank you for being so prompt & helpful…”
Mindy P., Santa Fe, New Mexico — Boys and Girls Learn Differently, Emotional Intelligence

“I really enjoyed the book and I gained very valuable information from taking the course. Thank you for offering this important course.”
Rebecca M., Denver, Colorado — Character and Temperament Types

“I just wanted to tell Joseph how much I enjoyed working on the information contained in this class. The movies in particular have had a great influence on me…”
Bruce H., Chaska, Minnesota — Comprehending the Dropout Dilemma

“Thanks for the feedback on Part B of the coursework. I used it as part of a World Geography course, and it was a success, so I will make it a regular part of curriculum! I appreciate your encouragement and engaging feedback throughout this course…”
Carolyn P., Boulder, Colorado — Understanding Hispanic Students and Issues, Module B

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